Rentals & Shuttles

We offer the largest selection in quantity & quality of boats, boards & tubes on the Miramichi River.  You'll never get bored 'cause there will always be a different section of river and a different way to explore it!  With all of our rentals we provide you with the necessary safety equipment and instruction on how to use it.


Our kayaks are light touring kayaks designed specifically to be stable and maneuverable on rivers.
Singles $35/day 
Tandems $40/day
We have a large fleet of canoes perfect for daytrips or multi-day trips.  For group and multi-day rates please contact us.
Stand-up Paddle Boards
The newest addition to our rentals and possibly one of the most exciting ways to tour the river. Despite what you might think, there is no experience needed for the these boards...just a bit of balance and an appetite for fun!
$35/day or $20/half day

Sometimes the only thing you want to do on a hot July day is sit in a tube and enjoy a lazy river journey with your friends.


Single Tube $10/day


Cooler Tube $10/day

All tubes are $10 per person - No discount for bringing your own tubes.



Shuttle prices vary depending on the distance and number of staff required for the shuttle.  


Please call us in advance to arrange your shuttling needs.